Plan Ahead

Current handouts are always downloadable in .pdf format on the RESOURCES Page.  Also, stay tuned for VIDEO and mobile apps coming soon.

In the next few weeks…

**Friday, December 22nd… Presenting at Jeff Morris’ Networking Group in Plano

The ‘ol Careerpilot will be taking off until the New Year, but will be available to help start-up any Accountability Pairs or Teams… just call to schedule!

So the next scheduled session will be Thursday, January 4th…Turning Opportunities into INTERVIEWS… How to network your way around and into a target organization

Thursday, January 11th…Closing the Deal I: Interview STRATEGIES, including PRE-Offer negotiation

Thursday, January 18th… Closing The Deal II: Interviewing TACTICS, including POST-Offer negotiation

Thursday, January 25th… Embracing The OTHER Job Market: The overview session, a great place to start or RE-Start a productive job search!


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