DFWCareerpilot Workshops will regularly repeat the following CORE TOPICS.  ALL have been updated to reflect NEW material for 2016…

Stay tuned for video media later in 2017!!!

From Recent Speaking Events…


How to Create INTERACTIVE Communication

View/ Print the handout for each Thursday session:

  Embracing The OTHER Job Market

Achieving CareerFIT : Assessment leading to your communication strategy

  In Sync Personal Marketing Collaterals Starting with a GREAT Resume template

HOMEWORK for “Your LinkedIn PRIMER: TASK#1“…  How to craft the perfect LinkedIn profile


 YOUR Personal Marketing PLAN including your LinkedIn Profile–“Digital Collateral or Collateral Damage?”

PMP Implementation including a look at “Leveraging Your LinkedIn Network”


A new offering from DFWCareerpilot What IS Next Right Opportunity for YOU?

  Turning Opportunities to INTERVIEWS

Closing The Deal I: Understanding interviewing process and Strategies, including ‘MoneySpeak’ and PRE-Offer negotiation

Closing The Deal II : Interview TACTICS. including POST-Offer negotiation


Engaging The Careerpilot is as simple as 1-2-3

***BEST Outside Resources***

Everything a Dallas/ Ft.Worth jobseeker needs…


…and my favorite, generic site:

QuintCareer Resource

…also worth checking out…

GO TO     …Our LinkedIn GROUP



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